Monday, February 26, 2007


Just a quick update from the UK - my new job it turns out, is very challenging, and as a result I just haven't had time to blog. But this weekend couldn't pass without a brief note.

Saturday I went to Dublin for the 6 Nations game between Ireland and England. It was played in Croke park, which BTW is not normally a rugby venue, but a Gaelic venue. There's alot of politics surrounding the whole thing, and basically, England had never before played in Croke park. The Irish were pumped. Long story short, they destroyed England, and it was BRILLIANT.

These guys were wandering around the city before the match:

On Sunday I went for a drive up the northern coast of Ireland. The country side is spectacular, and if you look close enough, you can see rugby pitches tucked all over the hillside. Look hard, and you'll see it.

You might need to look at the full size image to see the pitch


Vincent said...

Really great to see you got to watch the most historically significant Ireland / England game..... ever.

2 years ago it could not have happened.


Kentucky said...

jealous. way.