Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On your mark, get set, Go!!!

About Me:

In this corner of the world, I'm a rugby coach. Over the past 10 years I've worked with women's clubs and colleges. I've been lucky to help out with our U19 and U23 National teams, and I believe the age grade programs are our future.  In 2009 I was the head coach for the Collegiate All American Women, and my view on development of our younger players was cemented.

I started playing rugby myself back in 1982, at the State University of Stonybrook. Back then, if you showed up at a game, and the team was short, someone would just throw you a pair of cleats, and you'd play in your first game. No CIPP, no NCAA, no CDP. A coach was usually someone on the guys team, preferably with an accent. Things have changed.

Coaching is serious business now - you better have a coaching resume and current certifications at a minimum if you want to coach, and you need to know about more than just the position you used to play.

I've coached in Colorado, Albany, Westchester, and Philadelphia.  I was privledged to be the head coach at Temple University, the Philadelphia Women, and with the MARFU U-23 Side, and I was an assistant co.   Life often brings you back full circle, and that's what it's done to me.  I'm back in Colorado coaching the Glendale Raptors, and it's beyond amazing.  Rugbytown USA indeed.

Enough of rugby - pictured below are some of my favorite things...

This is Ewing Ranch, lot 143. It's 40 acres and it's one of two lots we own. It's located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, equidistant from Mineral Hot Springs, and the Great Sand Dunes. That's Colorado, in case you haven't guessed.  My partner and I are currently developing the property into the "Colorado Sports Ranch", a seculded place for elite athletes to train at altitude (7600 feet!).

Pictured below are Tawanda (left) and K2 (right).  The are no longer with me, having lived to the ripe old ages of 15 and 16 respectively, but it feels nice to still see there pictures here.  We have a new dog family, featuring Billie (12 year old medium sized brown dog),  Simba (K-2's doppeganger with brown eyes), and Max (a lord-knows-what puppy of unbounded energy).  Add to those guys two horses - KC and Baby, and an assortment of cats and we've got our hands full.

About My Blog:

In the great sport of rugby, coaches of the world (well, at least coaches in my world) could use a forum to dialogue about our experiences, exchange ideas, vent, and just plain blab electronically.

Though my personal experience is limited to the female gender, this blog is not intended to be gender specific.

While this is MY place to do that, I'm hoping others might get some of it, and I might get something out of others.