Friday, November 17, 2006

Non-rugby: Campaign for Real Beauty

I saw this a couple of weeks ago at work - we've been talking quite a bit about viral marketing and consumer-generated content. Anyway - it's quite disturbing and speaks volumes about why young women do the things they do in the name of beauty ...

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Anonymous said...

i'm much more concerned on what the girls eat, or don't eat, most of the time.
i mean, kids are picky eaters, i used to be a picky eater when is was in primary school, i liked spaghetti, meatballs and roasted chicken and that was it.
but i ate when it was my taste and i never had the crazy idea to not eat to make my body look different.

i used to be a vegetarian while i played gridball and that was really hard, because after the match i was always so hungry and eating salad and fries at the occasional mcd's stops on the ride home just don't did the job.

i simply cannot imagine a day without decent food.
to make matters worse, i'm a cook (i don't like the term chef, as it's something else in german and i'm no chef de cuisine anyway, but work in a kitchen) so i have to love food anyway.

and something i learned in all the years:

if you're built like a prop, you're not going to be a primaballerina, even if you hunger yourself down to a skeleton.
you cannot hunger away certain things, like broad shoulders or a big butt.
you can only make it look absurd.