Monday, November 20, 2006

All Tournament Team

In recognition efforts of the 93 players and many coaches, assessors, and administrators who competed in the MARFU U-23 LAU All Star tournament this weekend, the following players have been named to an honorary "All Tournament Side". Great job everyone.

1. Brittany Robison, Kutztown
2. Winnie Chao, University of Virginia
3. Kathleen Brady, James Madison
4. Sandra Carretero, Kutztown
5. Ashley Keen, Drexel
6. Lindsay Wick, Brandywine Women
7. Sherri Villa, American University
8. Emily Tunney, Philadelphia Women
9. Erin Rideout, Mary Washington
10. Laurie Bryan, Virginia Tech
11. Courtney Ayling, Kutztown
12. Kerriee Shuey, Shippensburg University
13. Rachel Winters, University of Virginia
14. Allison Hunter, University of Virginia
15. Sara Miller, James Madison
16. Kelly Schumann, University of Virginia
17. Lisa Hrunka, Shippensburg
18. Nicole Coffineau, VTech
19. Julia Swavola, James Madison
20. Kerryn Winiesky, Kutztown
21. Katie Welter, Georgetown
22. Elizabeth Walsh, University of Delaware