Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Women's NA4

In case you haven't heard the rumors, it's true - there WILL be a women's North America 4 competition, and right now team names are being discussed. One of the folks at USA Rugby thought it might be a great blogging topic.

The men's program, in keeping with the Eagles = birds of prey theme, went with "Hawks" and "Falcons". What do you guys think? Should the women use those same names? Anyone got any other fantastic, creative, appropriate idea? Any ideas that will stimulate energy and get people fired up? Let's see some comments!


AOF said...

One general rule I would highly suggest - NEVER use the term "lady". It amazes me that in 2007 I still see that word on the sports page. My favorite use is the Westerville Lady Worms Rugby (OH). Love the program, but worms are hermaphrodites.

I guess I would use the same names as the men's NA4. Though a team called the "Turkey Vultures" could probably have some interesting brand appeal. Knowing how badly women's sports are generally treated, I fear the first match-up of the NA4 could be the Ospreys vs. Owls. Sigh.

K-Train said...

First of all there's nothing wrong with Owls...but I am biased I suppose.

I don't see the need to name these teams at all. It's not like you're performing some long term branding program. I wish we had just used East and West like Canada or Red/Blue/White.

Your Scrumhalf Connection said...

I agree with K-train...can't we just use east, west or some sort of color scheme?

I just blogged about this as where is home? The West is SO HUGE that there is no way it is going to be fair. More and more plane sure to get some free flights now because of all the miles we will rack up!

Just call me coach.... said...

I have to wonder if long term, maybe there IS a branding program. If this is to serve the purpose that the Super 14 does down under, why not have actual team names and generate some brand awareness.

I'm personally fine with sticking to Hawks and Falcons - save money making gear, give the fans someone to root for. Seriously, who wants to root for "RED". And East/West, well, isn't that how our territories were many years ago? East, West, South, and Pacific? The men aren't splitting up the rosters geographically, Canada might be. Lot's of unknowns.

Em said...

I like the concept of geographic names, but the country is too big to support regional fan identification. However, I like the idea of using a region and a name just the NASC does. Whatever the names are, they should be original and appropriate. "Hawks" and "Falcons" are generic and boring, and sticking "Lady" in front of anything is a sure way to see me make an anguished face.

Of course, I'm from Steeler country, so I have thing about the name of something tying to the region in a meaningful way.

Emily said...

hm, that's interesting...from the content of some of the other blogs (KTrain and Wendy) I have to wonder what will become of the spring club side season. Jan-Mar isn't exactly prime (or even playable) weather for 60%+ of the country. What happens for the 90% of women (totally ballparking that, I actually have no idea how many women are CIPPed) that aren't involved in the TU/NA4 stuff? I suppose that could make for a very seriously developmental spring, which isn't a bad thing, but I imagine it'll cause a terrific shifting of team dynamics between seasons (based on player availability, particularly for higher level clubs).

K-Train said...

Why not worry about building the existing TU brands? Rugby already has a host of pretty cool mascots.

Anonymous said...

I brainstormed with a group and came up with a few names. What do you all think about these combos?

Fire vs Ice
Breakers vs Warriors
Vipers vs Storm
Maulers vs Vixens
Diamonds vs Pearls

or any combination of those 10...?
I think that there is indeed a large long term branding campaign behind it all. There must be, how else is everything going to be paid for? Sponsors will buy in to these teams and fans will buy the apparel. How will you support these teams? Wouldn't you want a replica jersey of the black and pink Vipers?

KLK said...

hey I like the Ospreys! I dunno, I guess my problem with the hawks and the falcons is...well frankly I'm a city kid so I couldn't tell the difference if you gave me an illustrated encyclopedia. I'm all for the regional names but there is no way in HELL that I'd cheer for "the pearls"

Kathryn said...

I would suggest keeping the same names the men already have. One of the coolest things about USA rugby is both teams are the "Eagles." ...not "Black ferns" or "walleroos" or some other concocted name. I think it promotes a sense of unity among the teams and between the men's and women's divisions to keep teh same name...not to mention savings overall on gear.