Monday, August 13, 2007

A ridiculously stupid and insanely fun rugby game

When hanging out with rugby people one day, just for fun, contemplate what sort of rugby team you might put together with actors, actresses, politicians, superheros (imagine superman at 8!) etc ...

My celebrity (actresses/musicians etc) world cup team (non-rostered reserves included)

1 - Oprah
2 - Pink
3 - Queen Latifa
4 - Charlize Theron
5 - Sigourney Weaver
6 - Hillary Swank
7 - Angelina Jolie
8 - Gina Davis (captain)
9 - Jodi Foster
10 - Helen Hunt
11 - Mariel Hemingway
12 - Demi Moore
13 - Lucy Lawless
14 - Mila Jojovich
15 - Angela Bassett (vice captain)
16 - Kathy Bates
17 - Lil' Kim
18 - Brigitte Nielsen
19 - Linda Hamilton
20 - Francis McDormand
21 - Kristanna Loken
22 - Gina Gershon

Head Coach: Glenn Glose
Assistant Coach (forwards): S. Epatha Merkerson
Assistant Coach (backs): Meryll Streep
Physio: Sandra Oh


Regina King (1/2)
Anna Nicole Smith (3) (pretend)
Uma Thurman (lock)
Tina Fey (9)
Jennifer Garner (back row)
Holly Hunter (10)
Madonna (wing)
Mariska Hargitay (center)

The selection committee had a rough time making these decisions - but we're confident. I dare you to try the game. It's a guilty pleasure.


Jeff Coffman said...
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Jeff Coffman said...

Presidential First XV

1 Chester Arthur
2 Howard Taft
3 Bill Clinton
4 Lyndon Johnson
5 Ave Lincoln
6 Grover Cleveland
7 Teddy Roosevelt
8 George Washington
9 James Monroe
10 John F. Kennedy
11 Andrew Jackson
12 Herbert Hoover
13 Woodrow Wilson
14 Thomas Jefferson
15 Dwight Eisenhower

(sorry about my earlier post. I don't how it got deleted. Here it is again.)

Your Scrumhalf Connection said...

ha, that is a great game!

Kentucky said...

wow. people are really good at this. JFK is SUCH a natural flyhalf.

Anonymous said...

What about Jamie Lee Curtis at 8?

Amy said...

Sarah Ramirez (Dr. Callie O'Malley) would kick ass at Center. Or anywhere else on the pitch.

Cheyanquí said...

Music First XV
1 Suge Knight (John Popper his sub, since Suge will probably get cited for putting the game into disrepute)
2 Vinny Paul of Pantera
3 Izzy Kamakwaiwo'ole (even his soul is big enough to hold up a scrum)
4 Tommy Lee (assuming he can remove his metal piercings)
5 Master "P" (basketball background)
6 Garth Brooks
7 Henry Rollins (captain -- would YOU f-with him?)
8 Tom Jones (if I'm going to name a Welshman to my team, how could you not name a "Jones" to it?)

9 Glenn Danzig
10 Justin Timberlake
11 Prince (great under the high ball -- see Chappelle's Show)
12 Ozzy (man takes more abuse on his body that anyone in history)
13 Til Lindemann of Rammstein
14 Don Ho (Need at least one Polynesian in the backline)
15 Rod Stewart (goalkicker)
Coach: Johnny Clegg