Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pumpkinfest Detailed Scores and Results

Congrats to all who attended ... I was particularly intersted to see how many of these matches were one or two try affairs. It looks like a great season is ahead of us!

Visit the PWRFC Pumpkinfest results for all the details:


Philly wins pool A 12-7 vs Atlanta, 12-7 vs Raliegh
Beantown wins pool B 58-0 over Maryland, 19-5 over Nova
Boston wins pool c 12-7 over Keystone, 17-12 over Washington
Atlanta advances to the semi's as a wild card by virtue of a 40-5 win over Raleigh

Semi Finals:

Beantown (1) vs Atlanta (4) , Beantown 27-0
Boston (2) vs Philly (3), Philly 15-5


Beantown v Philly, Beantown wins 22-3

In the social division, Back in Black, Beantown B, Nova B, and Washington B all advance.

Back in Black vs Beantown B 44-0
Nova B over Washington B 8-5


Back in Black vs Nova B, Back in Black 22-0