Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NCAA Rugby Videos = AMAZING!

As brought to you from yourscrumhalfconnection, these videos are just TOO GOOD for one blog...


AOF said...

I wish they would put out a video showcasing the real reason athletic directors will promote rugby. It would show a football stadium and 120 football players. The screen would fade to black and white lettering saying, "Got Title IX?" would appear. "Offset your football numbers, avoid those pesky and costly lawsuits". Don't actually care about women's rugby? No problem...because it's not really about that anyway.

Always the optimistic/realist,

USA Rugby said...

My name is Becky Carlson and I am the Emerging Sports Program Manager for USA Rugby charged with promoting the expansion of the women's game. I am also the producer of the videos.

I see that there are more than a few links to our videos circulating the web. This is great news. Scrumhalf connection and I chatted at the women's All-stars and she requested the links. I am developing more videos for the movement so look for them in the future.

Questions about the movement at the NCAA or interscholastic level, please email at bcarlson@usarugby.org.