Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No WAY...Rugby is for GIRLS !

We train at field next to a playground/community center in a West Philly neighborhood. Every day there's an interesting assortment of kids out - some love us and are constantly tossing rugby balls around, hitting tackle dummies, etc. Some just see as as people occupying their playground space and interfering with their ability to toss around a football or hit some baseballs any time they want. "PERMIT? Lady, we were here first!" (ie playground rules apply).

Regardless of which kids are out at the playground that day, it's usually an entertaining and highly interactive experience.

Yesterday at training, one of our players was working on her throw-ins (hooker). She was interacting with one of the more colorful kids - (he's about 3 feet tall, sweet as cherry pie one day, and the next - he's got the mouth of a sailor who's having abdominal surgery with no anesthesia).

Dialog follows ...

Player to kid: So, are you gonna play rugby when you get bigger?
Kid to player: No WAY ..... Rugby is for GIRLS

Out of the mouths of babes ... :)


Wendy said...

How adorable!

Ward Wittman said...

Hi, just found your blog. How is rugby coached at the youth level, how do you gain interest?
Ward Wittman