Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Non-Rugby: Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Today is NOT my birthday - Monday was. But Monday was a bad, bad day, so I didn't really feel much like celebrating let alone talking about it.

To start off with, I need to take the day off work to go to Trenton, NJ, to face a psycho guy who used to be my landlord. Basically, he's psycho. I broke my lease cause he's psycho, and now he wants me to pay. NEVER going to happen. I already had to call the cops on him twice after he sent these psycho threatening emails. So I wasn't worried about the outcome - armed with printed emails and canceled checks, I was sure the court would rule in my favor. So what happened you asked?

I missed my train. So now, I'm totally the courtroom "no-show", and need to plead with the judge to reschedule our hearing. Lovely.

Next up? Well, I'd been informed that my collegiate rugby team was meeting to discuss the direction of the club are related to the direction of the coach (me). It's not really appropriate for me to discuss in this forum, but seriously, it was just more stress on what's supposed to be a celebratory day.

And how about the birthday itself? Well, there's no traditional family in my life, so sometimes birthdays and holidays can get kind of depressing. My friend Bekah sent me a funny e-card, and my BFF out in Colorado sent me a $50 home depot gift card. I have a good friend here in Philly who planned a real nice little celebration. We were going to go to Pod for sushi (its a really trendy Philly restaurant where sushi rides by on a conveyer belt), but my heart really just wasn't in it.

Instead, we went completely Al Bundy, and it was actually perfect. Buffalo wings, pizza, beer in our pajamas and John Madden Football on my new XBOX 360. I don't even understand football, I have no idea what the difference is between a screen pass and a slant, and honestly, I don't care. We couldn't figure out how to play with two controllers, so I played offense and she played defense. It was really fun, and more importantly, didn't involve a courtroom. PS, we played the Raiders as the Broncos and kicked their asses, then we played them as the Eagles and kicked their asses.

Sometimes you just need to take a time out.

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