Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Colorado Bound!

It's unlikely that there will be any blogging until after Jan 3 - because as of 5 am this morning, I'm bound for Breckenridge, Colorado.

Each year, the same cast of characters convenes over 4-5 days and new years for food, beverage, skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, charades, texas hold-em, sing-alongs, etc. One of last year's highlights was paying Val G. 40 bucks to eat an ENORMOUS vat (I mean enormous) of pickeled whole sardines, without using silverware. I'm not talking Bumble Bee - it was some Russian-manufactured container, and there was at least a pound. It was truly foul, and worth every penny.

This year we've got a 5 bedroom condo in Breck for the 18-20ish of us. Our common thread, of course, is rugby. Most of us played together for the Colorado Springs She-Wolves 5-10ish years ago. Several like myself are ex-military, and of course there are the significant others, non-rugby, who have long ago morphed into part of the extended family.

It's a great reminder to me of how our sport brings people together. Our time on the field together really and truly turned us into a family, as evidenced by the fact that we choose, each year, to spend significant holiday time together.

So enjoy whatever your holiday plans are - I'll be on the slopes!