Saturday, December 06, 2008

Queensland Coaching Videos - Attack vs Defence Activities

The folks that run the Queensland Rugby Union coaching courses have passed on some clips (below) from their various clinics ... For more information on the QRU, or to register, visit

The Roff Drill for a simple overload and re-alignment activity, developed many years ago by Joe Roff while playing for the ACT Brumbies. The Activity develops both attacking and defensive realignment skills as well as attacking with, and defending against an overload in a dynamic situation.

Mark Bell Interview – 6 Principals of Scrummaging

Scrummaging 1v1 Progression Example

Video-Based Decision-Making (best viewed full screen & high quality)

Hooker – Post engagement shoulder technique

Front on Defense Technique

Catch/Pass Technique Demonstration

Catch/Pass Footage Examples Lecture

Ball Carrier into Contact - Tackle Contest Technique Demonstration

Tackle Contest - Ball Carrier Footage Examples