Friday, December 18, 2009

Youth Rugby debuts in South Philly!

On January 2nd, the Philadelphia Women's Rugby Football Club, in cooperation with the Schuylkill River Exiles RFC and the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Football Union, will be hosting a Rookie Rugby clinic in South Philly.

The clinic will take place on Saturday, January 2, from 10:00-2:00, at the Donald Finnegan Community Center (commonly known as "Gray's Ferry), located at 1231 S. 30th Street in South Philly.

The free clinic (lunch included for players!) hopes to leverage the excitement generated by the Invictus movie, as well as take advantage of the neighborhood kid's last days of winter break.

PWRFC trains and practices at Gray's Ferry, so the kids we're trying to reach are the same kids we see every day at practice. South Philly/Gray's Ferry is our second home, and it's time for us to share our love of rugby with the kids around us.

The Rookie Rugby model will be used to introduce the game in the morning, and after a lunch break we'll play several scrimmage-type games. The Rookie Rugby model focuses on fun, safe learning through small sided games, and is strongly suited for introducing the game to kids of a variety of ages.

A second session is planned for North Philly, details to follow soon.

For more information, contact me -


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Glen said...

It's nice to have clinics for future power players of rugby games as they get exposed to all the thrills and action. In the near future they will be ready to join a youth rugby league or two.

Gian Turner said...

Are you hosting a rugby clinic again for this year? How'd the last one go?

I've formed a team of players for rugby in Denver. Maybe I could do some clinic as well to be held at a sports center in Denver. I would like to know what topics/activities did you tackle in the clinic.

lucie.lancashire said...

Hi, have you seen the rugby drills and coaching articles on - they're free to download and are written by Dan Cottrell, an experienced rugby coach.