Monday, February 15, 2010


My club, the Philadelphia Women's Rugby Football Club, has a fabulous opportunity this coming Saturday. We're playing a single 10 minute period, 6:00 PM, at the Wachovia Center, as a warmup to the Philadelphia Wings match against the Rochester Knighthawks. The Philadelphia Wings are a pro indoor lacrosse team, so we'll be playing rugby on their field.

Dimensions? 200 ft x 60 ft.

Obviously, we're not playing 15 on 15. We're playing 7 on 7. It's half PWRFC players, and half standout college players from local Philadelphia colleges. The players are terrific, but the space will be challenging.

It's turf, so it's that part is fine, BUT:

  • 60 ft x 200 ft
  • Boards instead of sidelines
  • A small "try zone" with curved ends (think: HOCKEY RINK)
  • more and more
  • Only 10 minutes to figure it all out and look good doing it
  • And most important, SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!

Our plan was to meet with the ref and have a practice on a grass space that's marked off to the above perimeters, so all the players could get used to the space, but given that there is THREE AND A HALF FEET OF SNOW in Philly, with MORE COMING, that seems unlikely. Hopefully we'll be able to get on the turf early.

No matter what, it will undoubtedly be a good time and I know the crowd will get a great show. Our college players represent Temple, Drexel, Penn, LaSalle, and others, and we've got a solid base of offensive and defensive skills. And of course, all those Lacrosse fans will get a taste of rugby!

Come join us, support rugby, and help explain what the heck's going on to the person sitting next to you ... details can be found here:

Love to see you out there!


Pat Fox said...

Go Ruggers!

Anonymous said...

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SleepBarn said...

is it for free?

Savannah said...

I really love to watch the Women's Rugby Games. But sadly, I wasn't able to watch the Philadelphia Women's Rugby Football Club play. I found out the game sched only lately.

I hope the next games will be more exciting with more Women's Rugby League matches. So, the young women from the Youth Rugby League will be inspired and learn some tactics from them.

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Savannah said...

It's nice to know that the team is in shape despite having a 3-inches snow in the field. Rugby games is played on green grass fields, yet snow will do no harm to a certified athlete!

With that kind of attitude, I'm sure a lot of Youth Rugby Leagues are excited to watch the game. Goodluck!

Bill Davies said...

Good luck enjoy!

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