Friday, January 05, 2007

International Women's 7's

Hey all - as some of you know I've been working with Julie McCoy (WNT 7's Head Coach), and helping her publicize the Rugby Footwork Camps. She asked me to pass on this information - lots of exciting things are happening for Women's Rugby in this arena.

February 9th and 10th is USA 7's and the Womens National Team will be competing along with the men. If you want to attend the event in San Diego CA, you can stay at the same hotel as the team, be part of the boosters, and get right in the action.

The women are ramping up for their inclusion in the first ever 7's World Cup. It's a really big step. What's truly exciting is the level of support and endorsement that new CEO Kevin Roberts is giving the women. You can listen to the podcast via the USA Rugby website. When you listen to Kevin Roberts speak it's clear that he realizes what a treasure our Women's National Teams are, and that he wants to promote us to the fullest.

Listen a little closer, and do the math. USA Women at USA 7s > Women at 7's World Cup > Rugby at Olympics. Thrilling things on the horizon.

For more information, booking info, etc, visit the event website.

In related news we're all pretty excited in Philadelphia for the upcoming Rugby Footwork Camp. A portion of the participation fee goes to the Women's 7s program, which is on a roll after Dubai.

Good luck to our women in San Diego, if you can afford to make the trip it looks like it will be a great time!