Friday, January 19, 2007

Ireland, Ireland

I bet you think this is a rugby related post .... it's NOT!!!

I'm my non-rugby life I'm an information architect. And, starting mid-February, I'll be an information architect for a company with offices in Northern Ireland. Better still, I get to go there. I get to go there right away! After my initial trip it's going to be an "as needed" sort of thing, so shouldn't impact my current rugby endeavors.

So just like any modern age woman, I've been googling like mad. I want to know about Northern Ireland! My new company is based in Craigavon, which is a couple of hours southwest of Belfast. It's in the province of Ulster, and I KNOW there is rugby in Ulster.

Northern Ireland is actually part of Great Britain (along with England, Scotland, and Wales), while Ireland is a separately identified country. What I found interesting is that for the most part, athletes living in Northern Ireland can choose whether to represent Great Britain or Ireland in international sporting events. Of course in rugby, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are ALL treated as separate countries. When the British and Irish Lions play they meld into one, but only then!

If there are any readers from those parts, drop me a line! I've love to watch some local rugby and see how things are done on the other side. Even better, how bout a Six Nations game? Anyone know how to get tickets to one of those?

So I'm super excited about my new job. My current job is OK - there are terrificly talented people here, but professionally this opportunity has it all. It's a step up in terms of responsibility, salary, etc, and I GET TO GO TO IRELAND.

Brilliant! Bring forth the Guinness!


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Vincent said...

Go watch Ireland v England at Limerick Feb 25th, kickoff 2pm. If you want any more of the best women's international action in the northern hemisphere, you'll have to hop on a plane to England (Before you start, I support Ireland - always - in the men's game, but my daughter wants to wear a white shirt when she's old enough - thankfully England women play much better rugby than the men!).

Vincent said...

England fixtures:
The match at Twickenham will be free entry once the men's match is finished; Old Albanians is both cheap for tickets, and guaranteed entry - just a few thousand spectators.....

Ireland fixtures:
No news on the IWRFU site?!

Anonymous said...

We met some of the guys from the ulster team when we were there for spring break last year! Unfortunatly a 6 nations game was too costly for us, but hopefully one day I'll be able to witness one in person. Have fun! -Alison