Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NYRC Collegiate Clinic

Clinic Information


The primary goal of this clinic is to help teach and develop the individual core rugby skills through position-specific instruction. Players shall be exposed to new drills and techniques and will have the exciting opportunity to work one on one with some of today’s elite, US National Women’s team players.

Tight Five: will work on scrums and lineout techniques, such as lifting from the legs and front row binding.

Back Row: will work on both set pieces and game breakdown situations, reviewing angles of running, roles and responsibilities, etc… both from an offensive and defensive mindset.

Scrumhalves and Flyhalves: will specifically focus on various passing and kicking techniques, as well as reviewing situational decision making.

Centers: will work on creation of space, patterns of play and offensive and defensive alignment.

Fullbacks and Wings: will also work on passing and kicking as well as reviewing key techniques such as counter attacks, creation of space, patterns of play and both offensive and defensive alignment.


The New York Women are currently #1 in the nation and have been a nationally ranked team since 1998. NYRC is the home club for more than 15 women who play on the Women’s National Team (WNT), as well as several players who have represented the USA on the National 7’s Team. These players, along with other top New York players, will be at the clinic to share their experiences and strategies. The overall structure of the clinic will be supervised by the NYRC coaching staff, Drew Fautley and Chris “Pudge” Ryan. Both coaches are also part of the US National Team coaching staff.


Contact Katie MacCallum before March 10th to hold your spot. Please provide names, school, positions and years playing rugby for every participant. All participants should have insurance information and be prepared to sign a waiver the day of the tournament. Payment can be cash or a check to NYRC on the day of the clinic. Katie can be reached by email at or by cell phone at 413-219-5142.


What to Bring: Cleats, mouth guard, and rugby jersey. Bring personal water, lunch, tape, power bars, etc as needed. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID TO PRESENT AT THE SECURITY GATE TO ENTER. IF YOU ARE DRIVING, BRING LICENSE AND REGISTRATION.

Save this number: Check the New York Women’s Hotline for any questions regarding changes due to weather. 212-332-9911 and

The Field: Located at West Point Military Academy, Anderson Field.

From Hartford, Waterbury and points North or West:

Take I-84 W to I-684 S via exit 20. Take route 35 exit (exit 6) toward Cross River. Follow signs for NY-35 until Bear Mountain State Parkway. Turn right onto route 9W North. Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto US-202 W / US-6 W. Enter Bear Mountain Traffic Circle and take 2nd exit onto US-9W N (West Point, Highland Falls exit).

From New York City and points South:

From I-87 East, Take Exit 13N onto the Palisades Interstate Parkway heading North. Take the Palisades North to its end at the Bear Mountain traffic circle. Follow signs for route 9W North (3rd exit off traffic circle). Take the first West Point, Highland Falls exit.

From Boston and points Northeast:

From I-90/ Mass Pike, merge onto I-84 W via exit 9. Merge onto CT-15 S via EXIT 57 on the LEFT toward I-91 South. Merge onto I-91 S via EXIT 86 toward NEW HAVEN. Merge onto I-691 W via EXIT 18 toward MERIDEN / WATERBURY. Follow directions from Hartford, above.

Then, from the West Point, Highland Falls Exit:

This will lead you into Highland Falls, past the visitors center and museum, and through Thayer Gate.

Enter Thayer Gate. Security is tight. Have valid ID, all vehicle registration papers, and be advised that your vehicle may be searched upon entry.

Once thru the gate, continue straight. Thayer Road will turn into Cullum Road and after you pass the academic buildings and the statue of Kosciuzko (on your right).

Continue along Cullum Road until the first intersection, and take a right.

Continue on this road down the hill, staying to the left. You should pass up a small stadium.

Once you reach the water, take a left and continue down the road past the water treatment facility and athletic fields until you reach Anderson Field at the end of the road.